what is a belt What is the role and how many types?

A belt is a flexible material that is attached between the drive and the follower, also known as a pulley, which can connect 2 or more pulleys, transmitting power from one point to another, just like the gear principle. with chain But the belt will receive vibration well. While in use, there is no noise. and can also transmit power to change direction. Or used as a support for various materials, causing the material to be transported on the belt to move along the belt itself.

What are the types of belts?

Conveyor belts can be divided into 2 types according to their usage.

  • 1. Transmission belt (Tranmission belt)
  • 2. Conveyor belt (Conveyor belt)

power transmission belt (Transmission belt)

This type of belt is commonly used in machinery. By performing the main function of transmitting power between the driver (Driver) and the follower (Driven) by the belt looped to the pulley of both the driver and the follower, which can be divided into 4 main types

1. Round belt

Round belt

Round belts are used in applications where motion control is required. Such as rail systems used to convey goods in the production line. Because of itself, the cable can be twisted or turned well. Makes it easy to determine the direction of movement. or work that requires less transmission force which are mostly used in packaging machinery copier, printer, etc.

2. Flat belt

Flat belt

Flat belts can deliver good power even though the distance between the pulleys is quite long, suitable for applications that require low power and high rpm.

3. V belt

V belt V belt

The V-shaped belt cross-section fits into the groove of the pulley, making contact to transmit more power than other types. Suitable for machines with not very high cycles Therefore, it is commonly used in industrial machinery that requires high transmission.

4. Timing belt

Timing belt Timing belt

Timing belt (Timing belt) The belt will have more characteristics than the first 3 types, namely, there will be cogs along the length of the belt. The cross-sectional area is trapezoidal. This type of belt can be bent well. It drives with a pulley that has the same timing teeth. resulting in clenching like cogs Therefore, there is no slipping while transmitting power. It can be used as a power transmission in engines, industrial fans, or in machines that require low power transmission losses.

Conveyor belt

This type of conveyor serves to move or convey things or materials from one point to another. and is used in a variety of industries The conveyor belt has quite a variety of materials, shapes, depending on what it is used to convey. So we would like to bring you a video from Dorner Conveyors that talks about the overview of the sorting system well.

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