What is a center flower? and what function

What is a center flower?

Center Drill or Center Drill It is a device used for drilling small conical holes. To make the initial groove as a guide for further drilling in the lathe. Or drill a hole for the shaft to be used as the center of the machine. The shape of the drill hole is shaped according to the pattern of the drill bit. It is also used for starting drilling in cast iron, aluminum, copper, steel and other alloys. Center bits have a slightly narrower angle than drill bits. as it acts as a leader There are 3 types of center bits: Type A, Type B, Type R as follows:

center flower type

Type A : center drill type that creates a hole with an angle of 60 degrees.

Type B : Hole type center drill with angles of 60 degrees and 120 degrees (helps to prevent hole damage. and deformation that may cause incorrect centering of the tailstock)

Type R : Combination Center Drill This makes it more accurate in holding. because they are in contact at one point

center drilling process

  • Set the hole to be drilled at the material to be drilled. and then attached to the base to hold the material
  • Install the center bit on the machine. If it is not an automatic machine, it must be installed by hand after the center is drilled.
  • Check and set up the machine before drilling.
  • Adjust the distance of the workpiece. drill head distance to fit and check the speed to suit the material
  • center drill observing from time to time check the order