How to use the extractor bit to remove the screw nut?

Nuts or screws are components that help to hold the workpiece. or to hold two pieces together contains the header and a spiral body But over time, these bolts deterioration may occur Sometimes the head of the nut may be sweetened. or broken heads that cannot be screwed out Therefore, it is necessary to have a device to help remove these screws.

There are several ways to remove the screw nut. And there are many tools to remove the nut, such as using a flat-blade screwdriver to turn it out. Use a rubber band to hold the bolt head to loosen the nut. Use a rotating locking pliers to unscrew. or use a left-hand extractor To remove the nut, here's how:

Device for unscrewing

drill and bits

Center Punch

Tap holder

screw extractor



How to use the extractor

  • Use a drill bit to drill a pilot hole in the center of the nut. or damaged screws using an electric drill and a drill bit of the right size
  • Then apply some lubricant to the drilled hole before removing the nut.
  • Attach the left hand extractor to the T-handle, then drill it into the pre-drilled pilot hole. Then use a hammer to hammer into the pilot hole firmly. and turn the handle to remove the screwed nut.