How to calculate the safety value of a wire rope?

Often, we often encounter accidents involving non-standard wire ropes or broken wire ropes, causing property losses and many more. Therefore, we should calculate the load value. The tensile strength of the wire rope and the various values ​​of the wire rope to be accurate and precise. But before finding the security value Should have to know first that each type of wire rope is suitable for what types of work as follows

What is a sling or wire rope?

Wire Rope Sling is a type of rope developed from steel chain. and natural rope to reduce the problem of chain breakage Or wire ropes are commonly used in towing cars, construction works, and many others because of their good weight-bearing properties. And resistant to weather, chemicals, impact. There are many types to support proper use as follows

Type of wire rope

Stainless Steel Wire Rope

It is resistant to chemical corrosion. And the environment is lightweight, not easy to rust. And has high flexibility. There are 2 types, which are 304 stainless steel slings that can be used in general, such as making fences, handrails, handrails, making key chains, zoo netting. Hang tags on equipment, machinery, etc. Stainless steel sling 316 used in the marine industry. food industry and the medical industry, etc.

Fiber Wire Rope

The core of the sling is a rope made from tough synthetic fibers. and durable It is commonly used in the construction of buildings, bridges, and places such as fixing poles or iron rods while moving using a trailer, etc.

Steel Wire Rope (Independent Wire Rope)

The core of the sling is made of steel. high strength Can be held taut or bent in various ways Suitable for lifting and hauling work that requires continuous heavy work such as lifting cement posts in construction, electrical work, telecommunication work, lifting lifts, towing cars, etc.

Plastic covered wire rope (PVC Wire Rope)

The body of the wire rope is wrapped in PVC/PE/PP plastic, which is weather resistant. not easily corroded flexible Suitable for cargo ships, fisheries, stretching slans, building greenhouses. Used as a train signal cable Used to make artificial flowers, tie the mouth of the bag, etc.

Polyester Rope Sling

It is a braided rope, both flat and round, lightweight, resistant to sunlight. chemicals and oil Does not conduct electricity, does not damage the work surface during lifting and moving Suitable for lifting heavy materials such as machines, motors, engines, etc.

safety factor calculation

Wire ropes are mostly used in lifting and weight-bearing applications. Therefore, we should calculate the safety value to prevent accidents during work by calculating the safety value first. calculated from this formula

The safety value of the wire rope will refer to the Ministerial Regulation on the Safety of Machinery, Cranes, Boilers, B.E. 2552, which is divided into 2 types according to the use of wire ropes:

    • 1. Moving wire ropes: Safety value of not less than 6 (that is, wire ropes that move while in use, such as wire ropes on a lifting hook)

  • 2. Wire sling: Safety value not less than 3.5 (is a wire sling that is responsible for tying the structure of the crane)