What is oil seal?

Oil Seal (Oil Seal) or oil seal is a device to prevent dust, dirt, water or other contaminants. into mechanical parts and helps maintain lubricant in the rotating shaft equipment. It was generally developed to protect the bearings of rotating shafts. Which will be in general industrial machinery such as cars, trains, ships, airplanes, agricultural machines construction machinery and home appliances, etc. The general characteristics of the oil seal (Oil Seal) are rubber rings that Resistant to heat, oil, chemicals, excellent pressure and friction resistance. As a result, the machine works more efficiently and has a longer service life.

Oilseal is

How many types of oil seals are there?

There are many types of oil seals. Both sizes and materials are very diverse. Therefore, it should be considered by the type of material. and size of the seal

Oil Seal Components
  • 1. Ring spring (Garter Spring)

    Serves to increase the radial pressure of the shaft. Makes the ability of the rubber seal edge to prevent oil leakage. or other lubricants better which may or may not be available depending on the nature of use
  • 2. Seal Frame (Metal Case Material)

    • 2.1 Steel Seal Frame (Steel Case,Insert)

      It is a seal structure made from cold-rolled steel. Increase the strength of the seal frame Suitable for work in general machines used in normal environments. The steel used to produce is cold-rolled steel according to DIN1624 standard.
    • 2.2 Stainless Steel Case

      Suitable for conditions of high humidity, immersion in water, hot air, etc., which require special durability of the seal. The stainless steel used for production is Chrome Nickel AISI304(DIN1.4301-V2A) and Chrome Nickel Molybdene AISI 316T1(DIN1.4571-V4A).
  • 3. Elastomeric Sealing Material

    There are many types of rubber that are used to produce rubber seals. But the most commonly used are nitrile rubber (Nitrile) and Viton rubber (Seals Viton) used in high heat applications. acidic and must be exposed to chemicals