What is a wrench and how many types are there?

A wrench is a tool for tightening bolts or Holds as many devices as you can imagine. looks like a handle The head is shaped according to what will be used to tighten. Wrenches are made mostly of steel. The steel is stronger than steel in order to withstand enough tensile or pressure. Wrenches come in different shapes and sizes. According to the nature of use as follows

How many types of wrenches are there?

Most people know a few types of wrenches, such as open-end wrenches or ring spanners, but there are actually more than 40 types of wrenches on the market. But some types of wrenches have been discontinued or are used in too narrow a range. In this article, we will highlight 33 different types of wrenches that are still popular and their uses. From open-end wrenches to drum wrenches

1. Open Ended Wrench

Open-ended wrenches have U-shaped ends at both ends, which are not the same size. In use, be careful not to tighten too much. because it can damage the bolts Open-ended wrenches do not require tightening force. Or loosen a lot because there are only 2 sides that are really strong.

2. Box-Ended Wrench

Ring spanners are wrenches that are used with a lot of pressure or tightening. This type of wrench has full grip on the bolt and nut faces. Therefore, it can use very high tensile and pushing force. But the use must be in the right position to hold the workpiece perfectly.

3. Combination Wrench

Combination wrench or open-ended ring spanner is a wrench that combines the shape and properties of open-ended and ring-ended wrenches together, which on one side is a ring spanner. The other side is a wrench.

4. Stubby Wrench

Tension wrenches are famous for picking up locks. But can be used for other applications. They can be stiff or flexible depending on the variety. If you've ever played a video game of your choice, lock it. You may remember these types of wrenches.

5. Hammer Wrench

The hammer wrench is short and thick. It has a block tip that is used for hammer strikes. to deliver a large amount of force It is often used to help tighten flange fittings. and large fasteners A hammer wrench can also be used to help loosen the nut. and bolts that stick or rust through high loads. This heavy-duty wrench is used in metal work, plumbing. or some types of electrical work

6. Flare Nut Wrench

A split ring wrench is an open-ended spanner with a U-shaped end on both sides for holding a bolt or nut. These wrenches are usually double-ended with different sized open ends. The forend can generally be used at an angle of approximately 15 degrees to the longitudinal axis of the handle. Allows more movement in tight spaces by turning the wrench back and forth.

7. Adjustable Wrench

Adjustable wrenches are also known as crescent wrenches. They are one of the most popular choices today due to their versatility. It features an adjustable crescent that is usually controlled by a screw that you turn. This wrench can perform all the tasks of a stationary wrench. Unless you want just one instead of the whole set.

8. Spud Wrench

This type of wrench is used for bolts and nuts that are too slippery for normal wrenches. In practice it usually means during an oil change, however it may be used in other situations as well.

9. Allen Wrench

Hex wrench or Allen wrench is a basic mechanic tool used for tightening and loosening screw heads, nuts or bolts. which is a hexagonal head or a hexagonal hole Generally speaking, the wrench is a hexagonal bar. is bent into an L shape Both ends are hexagonal cross-section.

10. Torx Key Torx Wrench

A torque wrench is similar to a hex wrench. apart at the head that is the head of the star which works with Torx screws

11. Crowfoot Wrench

wrench head It is an open-ended socket designed for use in accessing tight, hard-to-reach areas that conventional tools cannot reach. Especially around pipes such as hydraulic lines, etc. For use with driven tools that fit into square drive block shanks. for various maintenance work when there is no other way to access the holder

12. Lug Wrench

It is a wrench that is designed to have a tightening head that fits the wheel nut of the car. A wheel nut wrench is made up of 2 crossed steel bars, each end of which is sized to fit different sized bolts.

13. Oil Filter Wrench

The oil filter wrench works with the oil filter socket to make changing the filter easy and convenient. Contains straps Increases torque for easy unscrewing of the oil filter.

14. Pipe Wrench Pipe Wrench

Pipe wrenches or neck wrenches are adjustable wrenches with a stronger F-shaped design. Used for tightening metal pipes or joints with a round surface This type of wrench is designed so that the teeth of the wrench on the contact surface eat into the contact surface while in use. in order to hold the workpiece firmly therefore not suitable for tightening nuts Because it will damage the nut head.

15. Free Ratcheting Wrench

Free ring wrenches are ratchet wrenches whose structure is designed to be able to adjust the tightening direction. And can tighten and loosen screws continuously without having to lift the wrench.

16. Socket Wrench

Socket wrench or socket wrench or socket wrench It is a wrench with a cylindrical mouth. Inside is a hex socket used for tightening and loosening bolts and nuts. This type of wrench is a very important tool for engine disassembly work. And is commonly used as a set of wrenches that consist of a handle, a joint and a set of sockets, etc. In addition, sockets have different shapes, sizes and lengths to choose from.

17. Torque wrench

Torque wrench is a tool used for setting torque. Torque value for tightening the nut or fixing devices to prevent over-tightening or too loose

18. Armorer's Wrench

This one-piece wrench has a C-shaped serrated head and may have a square and Or the hole for attaching the ratchet handle is used for fixing. There are many types of guns to choose from and maintain. and are usually sized to fit certain types or models of guns.

19. Basin Wrench

The tap wrench will have a gap for the water hose under the tap to increase the convenience of unscrewing. Some models come with a built-in water level tube. Suitable for use in faucet work. Basin navel or tighten the nut in other positions where ordinary wrenches cannot reach

20. Bionic Wrench Electronic Parts Wrench

It is a special wrench with a round opening. and two handles similar to pliers when placed around the target head, both handles can be squeezed, tightening the hole and holding the head tight, making it an adjustable box end wrench.

21. Cone Wrench Cone Wrench

Cone wrenches are thinner and lighter than other open-ended wrenches. Mainly used on bicycles They should only be used for cone adjustments or for low torque applications such as center brakes. Using a cone wrench in high torque applications such as loosening an external axle nut can easily damage the wrench.

22. Die Stock Holder Wrench

Tapping die holders hold hexagonal dies or round dies with fixing screws. so that threading can be done by hand There are straight handles on both sides that provide leverage when turning the die.

23. Fan Clutch Wrench

A flat wrench has a U-shaped opening at one end. It is specifically designed for disassembling the fan clutch in cars.

24. Fire Hydrant Wrench

Fire hydrant wrenches are designed for use with fire suppression systems only. For this reason, faucets can only be opened using these tools. The tip is generally adjustable. And this wrench is known for its long handle to allow the user to apply more torque.

25. Pedal Wrench

pedal wrench There are one or two U-shaped openings. Used for repairs involving bike pedals.

26. Pliers Wrench

It is a pliers that can expand the size of the mouth in many positions.

27. Hook Spanner Wrench

Hook wrenches have arms that are curved to resemble hooks. Or there may be a hinge to adjust the level to suit the size of other types of fasteners. provide a firm touch and can be tightened quickly without damaging the surface of the workpiece Suitable for fastening and removing spherical nuts and bearing nuts.

28. Spark Plug Wrench

spark plug socket wrench It is a tool used only for removing or assembling spark plugs. There is a magnet or rubber inside the wrench to hold the spark plug in place to prevent the spark plug from falling off while disassembling or assembling. This socket wrench comes in many sizes. Therefore, in use should be selected to suit the size of the spark plug.

29. Spoke Wrench

The small spoke wrench is designed to secure the spokes. One end has a recess that fits over the spokes while the other end has a drive head that fits into the nipple nut. because of the size And this wrench shape can be rotated in a circle without removing it.

30. Strap Wrench

pipe wrench with strap Available for changing the oil filter, there is either a cloth rubber band or a metal band, or a chain attached through the handle. This built-in tightening tool works best on greasy round objects. Or is it too heavy for a simple wrench to hold?

31. Tap Handle Tap Wrench

Used as a thread holder. In which the clamp will open to insert the tap, then tighten it onto the tap holder to hold together and perform tapping. Features: This type of tap holder is suitable for use with large taps and should have space to rotate the tap holder.

32. Tension Wrench

Mostly used to pick up padlocks. It is generally shaped like an elongated L.

33. Drum Key Wrench

T-shaped drum key socket wrench with flat handle It is used to tune percussion instruments such as drums. Drum pads with longer handles allow you to apply more torque than shorter handles.