What is a vernier caliper, what is it used for and how many types are there?

Vernier caliper is a tool used to measure thickness, depth, outside width. It can also be used to measure the internal width of an object to determine the length of its diameter. It is a basic measuring tool for many industries such as lathe processing. and milling machine

vernier calip form of use

outside measurement

depth measurement

inner size measurement

distance measurement

vernier caliper parts

  • Internal Jaws are used to measure the size of the inner diameter of an object. with the flat side facing out to articulate with the object so that it can be easily used for internal measurements
  • External Jaws are used to measure the size of objects from the outside. Suitable for measuring the outer diameter, length or thickness of an object. by sliding the flat side to fit the desired object
  • Locking screw while measuring There will be a postponement of the temple to fit the desired object When the desired distance is reached, use the locking screw to lock the measuring mouth so that it does not flow from the measured scale.
  • Main Scale The main scale displays the values ​​in imperial (inches) at the top and metric (millimetres) at the bottom. Each mark on the metric system is measured in millimeters.
  • The sliding scale (Vernier Scale) is the Vernier scale. It is a value that is expressed in decimal places. Each tick has a value of 0.01 mm. This value will be read. after reading the value on the main scale and then calculating
  • The thumb screw (Thumb Screw) is a button to scroll the scale. Makes it easier to move measurements. by adjusting the measuring mouth to fit the size of the desired object
  • Depth Measuring Blade Used to measure the depth of holes in objects. to find the depth of an object or the part that is deep on the object By the method of reading, use the same method as the external mouth. and the mouth of the temple inside

vernier caliper how to use

  • Read the numerical value displayed on the main scale with the 0th mark of the lower sliding scale (mm) → In this case, since it falls between 36mm and 37mm, the measured value is (36+α)mm.
  • Find the position where the main scale marks and the sliding scale coincide → in this case, the 7th mark of the sliding scale corresponds to the main scale.
  • Therefore, the measured size is 36mm+0.7mm=36.7mm

How many types of vernier calipers are there?

If divided according to the nature of the gauge and divided according to the nature of use, it can be divided into 3 types, each of which are 3 types:

standard vernier caliper

vernier caliper

vernier caliper to measure depth

vernier caliper measure in

digital vernier caliper

digital vernier caliper

digital depth gauge vernier caliper

digital vernier caliper

Needle vernier caliper

needle vernier caliper

vernier caliper for depth gauge

Vernier caliper measures in needle style.