What is lean center and what does it do?

What is lean center?

Lathe Centers or Lathe Centers It's part of the lathe. that acts to support the long turning workpiece and fixing the workpiece at the center of the work To make turning, drilling, boring and forming workpieces more accurate. Using a center brace, the workpiece must be drilled with other equipment first, such as using a center drill to be a center for holding the workpiece.

How many types of lean centers are there?

There are two types of lathe centers: dead centers and live centers.

lean to the dead center

Dead Center Support is a type of support center that will be located at the end of the machine. and does not rotate with the workpiece Used for work that requires a smooth finish to the center hole. or small work pieces

Live center

lean-to-zero is lean-to-zero that rotates with work Usually at the head shaft, if it is at the end of the machine, it must be the type that can make it rotate.

Benefits of Lean Center

Forming work using the form of milling, routing, planing, turning, milling, casing or CNC, which the cutting device is fixed in place. but the workpiece that needs to be cut will rotate There will be a force from the cutting (cutting force) acting on the workpiece, so having a support center. It will be useful as follows.

  • Hold the workpiece from swinging or swinging from the center.
  • Hold the workpiece in the center. reduce mistaken cutting
  • The workpiece has an anchor surface.
  • The workpiece has the size as designed.
  • The workpiece will not come off the chuck. can prevent danger