What is a valve or industrial valve and how many types are there?

What is a valve (valve)?

Valve (valve) is a device that helps control the direction of flow in the pipe line. And control the flow rate of water, chemicals, gas, air, which the valve will act to control the substance in accordance with the direction. or according to the desired flow rate both forcing to stop the flow flow direction change and reverse protection can be controlled both by yourself and automatic There are many types of valves depending on the needs of use as follows.

Types of valves and how many types of valves are there?

Divided according to the type of use of the valve can be divided into 4 major types:

Isolating valves or Isolating valves

Suitable for applications that require temporary shutdown from the system, such as gate valves, butterfly valves, and ball valves.

Control Valve

Can be both on-off valves and control the flow rate in the production pipe Can choose to use either manual or automatic control system. Used with actuator to connect to instrumenation system Examples of valves: Globe valve, Needle valve

Non-return valves or water valves (Check valves)

Suitable for pumping systems because there is a valve that can prevent water pressure from flowing back into the machine that may cause problems with the machine

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Pressure relief valve (Relief Valve or Safety Valve)

Suitable for depressurization of equipment To protect the system from damage from the resulting pressure, which can be divided into 2 types: relief valves and safety valves