What is a jack and how many types are there?

jack is

A jack is a force-relieving tool used for lifting heavy objects such as cars, machines or other equipment. To perform inspections and maintenance repairs, such as repairing car wash parts, changing wheels or changing engine oil, etc., allowing users to work more easily and quickly without causing harm

How many types of jacking systems are there?

If the jack is divided by working mechanism It can be divided into 2 main types as follows.

hydraulic jack

hydraulic jack Is a jack that uses hydraulic oil as a medium to help exert great pressure to various parts of the hydraulic system such as cylinders and hydraulic motors. which can lift heavy objects

mechanical jack

A mechanical jack is a jack that uses a gear drive shaft or tool belt as a medium to transmit power. by working directly between human and mechanical forces The disadvantage is that it can bear less weight, requiring more effort to lift the weight. The advantage is easy maintenance and portability.

How many types of jacks are there?

There are 3 types of jacks that are commonly used in the market.


Jack, crocodile or wheel jack Has the appearance of a jack, consisting of wheels and jacking force, is lightweight, has features that make moving heavy objects more convenient without causing abrasion during movement The hip jack can lift cars from 2-4 tons.


Bucket jack provides more lifting force than a crocodile jack. Able to lift from 3 to 50 tons depending on the model. It is also more popular than the alligator jack as it is cheaper. The gearbox jack is cylindrical in design and therefore difficult to use on smaller vehicles due to its relatively high ground clearance and small base. It should be used on flat floors to prevent sliding. or falling that may occur

scissor car lift jack

scissor car jack It is the cheapest and the lightest when compared to other strengths. This type of jack uses a hand crank to lift the car up a small distance from 15-30 inches, just need to position the jack under the lifting point and turn it clockwise to lift the car. To decrease it, turn it counterclockwise. Compared to high-lift jacks, scissor jacks are much smaller.

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