What is preventive maintenance? How is it good for the factory?

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance, or simply called PM, is regular maintenance of machines. according to the predetermined time so that the machine can continue to work And prevent unexpected downtime of the machine, which downtime of the machine 1 time may cause hundreds of thousands of baht damage. To protect the factory, PM will be made by stopping the operation of the machine every 1 or 2 years for 1 to 2 weeks to check the machine condition Including maintenance and replacement of spare parts such as replacing bearings Drain engine oil, grease

Advantages and Disadvantages of PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE


1. Extend life expectancy

when inspecting and maintaining the machine correctly on a regular basis while the machine can still work by preventing major damage to critical parts Machines will not break down before their expected lifespan if used properly.

2. Maintain efficiency

Poor maintenance can reduce a company's production capacity by 20% or more. When maintenance requirements are met You will prevent performance deterioration. Including reducing the rate of down time of the machine.

3. Cost reduction

If checking the damage early Things that are most likely to fail and need to be replaced are belts, bearings, grease, or some other parts. But if letting the machine with some damaged parts work without checking the condition for a long time will affect the machine as a whole causing repair costs or important spare parts that are expensive Including buying new machines

4. Reduce energy consumption

Compared to an old refrigerator that has not been maintained. No replacement parts or repairs. Often uses more energy than the same refrigerator that was just started.


1. Wasting time

PM may take a long time depending on the amount. and the complexity of the machine And sometimes the machine still works perfectly. But you have to stop the machine to send someone to check. Causing some people to neglect to inspect, maintain and maintain according to the conditions that the factory has placed

2 uses a lot of human resources

If a factory with a lot of machines and a variety of types may require staff with knowledge and understanding or have experience, may need to hire additional personnel or hire outside experts to help manage

3. The data is not real-time.

Doing PM will focus on the period. causing some types of machine maintenance to be too slow or too fast It also cannot prevent unexpected damage to the machine.

Other maintenance methods

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive Maintenance is waiting for the machine to break down. or damaged before to be repaired This type of treatment will have a very high opportunity cost and repair cost because if passed for a long time. Machines that are not maintained have a high chance of breaking down simultaneously.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance, or PdM for short, is a more advanced form of maintenance than Preventive Maintenance. And send data to show on the monitor via Wifi for real-time display. There will be an analysis of the damage and the cause of the problem. It will be displayed as a graph. And analyzed into a report, making it possible to predict in advance which parts will need to be maintained. Resulting in reducing the work of personnel to check the condition of machinery that is not necessary.