What is a grinding wheel and how many types are there?

What is a flower?

Grinding bits are used to cut, form, grind workpieces to eliminate sharp edges. or the surplus of the workpiece It can be used with many types of materials such as metal, steel, cast iron, aluminum, all types of wood, acrylic, fiberglass, and plastic. It is very popular in many industries such as wood carving. Metal engraving, etc. There are many types of carbide grinding heads depending on the selection of applications as follows.

Carbide Ball Burrs

Commonly used to create concave cuts in materials. to shape and hollow the space Suitable for intricate carvings.

Carbide Tree Burrs

Used for rounding and trimming edges. The pointed end is used to cut in hard-to-reach areas. and arcs with acute angles

Carbide Inverted Cone Burrs

Conical inverted carbide burrs are used for V-shaped cutting. and chamfering on the back

Carbide Round Nose Burrs

It is popularly called a slender shape. Suitable for workpieces with rounded edges. and surface finishing in hard-to-reach areas, including narrow corners and shapes.

Cylinder Burrs

End cylindrical grinding bits There are both types with a cutting edge knife at the end. Used for border decoration. and without the tip of the knife (Flat tip and no cutting edge) Used for finishing shapes and right angles.

Countersink Burrs

So called carbide conical fins. Suitable for notching, chamfering, chamfering and work with sharp edges.