Selector Switch What is a Selector Switch?

Selector Switch What is a Selector Switch?

Selector switch is a device for controlling the direction of electric current. to flow in the desired direction or cut off electricity to not flow through Widely used in industries that must be controlled by hand, such as changing the operating mode from manual or manual control to automatic control or automation. In general, the selector switch is divided into 2 major types: 2-way switch and 3-way switch as follows

selector switch 2 way

A 2-way switch is an operation that alternates two circuits from position 1 to position 2, with the switch held in that position. and twist the switch and snap it back to its original position, such as turning on-off the device or turning on and off the water pump

selector switch 3 way

A 3-way switch is an alternating operation between three circuits from position 0 to position 1 or from position 0 to position 2, with the switch held at that position. And twist the switch and then snap back to position 0, such as the operation of a machine with 3 functions, hand control, Manual, automatic control, Automic and shutdown. (turn off the machine)

How many types of selector switches are there?

1.Standard (knob operation)

It is a switch that is widely used in industry, for example, used to turn on-off the operation of machinery.

2. With indicator light (Illuminated Selector Switches)

Can clearly see the status of on-off on the switch.

3. Key Selector Switches

Suitable for applications that require safety. which if the user does not have a key will not be able to twist the switch to use