What is a switch and how many types are there?

A power switch is an electrical device used to control a current circuit that acts to turn on the current. Or cut off the electricity from flowing into electrical appliances, light bulbs, tools, machines that use electricity. The light switch is designed to be easy to install, easy to use, able to quickly respond to needs with just a touch. Made from heat-resistant plastic There are many designs to choose from.

various electrical switches

Switches come in different designs. The design of each type of light switch for convenient use And suitable for use, easy to use, easy to install for everyday use, more convenient The types of switches are as follows.

rocker switch

Toggle Switch is a switch that, when used, has to rock the switch lever back and forth with a long rocker lever protruding from the switch body. switch cut control This can be done by moving the switch lever up or down. To move the switch lever up is usually ON, and to move the switch lever down is usually cut (OFF).

float switch

Float switch or Float Switch acts as a sensor used to measure the water level in the container. The cable type or Cable Type Float Switch is a cable type float switch that is economical. Designed for lowering or immersing in wells or tanks, water or waste water, or other liquids in order to warn or control the level of that liquid. in conjunction with a relay or sends a signal that is a switch to the PLC system to control the current pump

push button switch

Push button switches are electrical devices that are used in conjunction with electric motor control systems or installed inside the cabinet. to control the electrical circuits of various industrial plants by working principle Use your finger to press the button. It controls the system to work and stop working immediately. The appearance of each type of keypad has an important structure that is the contact. Turn on-off the internal electrical circuit.

paddle switch

Paddle Switch or Flow Switch (Flow Switch) is an on-off switch that is installed on the pipe. To detect the flow of water or fluid in pipes. When there is fluid through the contact (Relay Contact) of the switch to work. The contacts are both normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO) for use in controlling the flow to control the pump, for example, used for detecting the flow of water to prevent the pump from running idle. because it will cause damage to the water pump (Run Dry)

sunlight switch

Photo Control Switch is a switch that controls the operation of electrical equipment with sunlight to allow electrical equipment to work only when it is dark or dim. Examples of applications are street lights or fence lights that need to be lit at night and turned off during the day. This automatic operation adds convenience and saves energy. to users very much

limit switch

Limit switch or limit switch (Limit Switch) is an on/off device. Electrical circuits used for limiting distances and cutting/connecting circuits for the operation of various automation systems. in industry It is mainly used to control the operation of automatic systems. and also used to check the position of the object whether it exists or not

blade switch

The blade switch is a cutting device that has both 1-phase and 3-phase cutouts and cannot be released while there is electricity.

pressure switch

Pressure switch or Pressure Switch is a device used to control the system when the pressure changes higher or lower than the set pressure threshold. It is commonly used in pressure control systems of boilers, air pumps, hydraulics, etc. It is considered a kind of safety device. In addition to the pressure relief valve

emergency switch

Emergency push button switch, commonly known as the mushroom head switch. It is commonly used with mechanical stop buttons to accommodate emergency situations that may occur. and when it's time to use As soon as we press the Emergency Switch button, all machines with an emergency switch button will immediately stop working. To prevent various accidents that may occur.


Relay (Relays) is a switch - to connect the circuit. by using electromagnet Mostly used in automatic control circuits. Used to turn on and off various electrical devices. The main components of a relay are coils and contacts that act as switches. If not supplied, the contacts will separate and form an open circuit. Relays are used in various electrical equipment and machinery.

rotary switch

A rotary switch (Rotary Switch), also known as a selector switch, is a switch that must rotate the switch stalk around in a circle. Multiple editing positions can be selected. There are many switch contacts to choose from, such as 2, 3, 4 or 5 positions, etc.