What is a chisel and how many types can we choose?

Chisel is a hand tool. Used for woodworking, the word “chisel” is believed to come from the Latin word “seco,” meaning “I cut.” Chisels are made of metal. There are a variety of shapes such as thin-mouthed chisels, thick-mouthed chisels, used in conjunction with hammers. by hammering the handle of the chisel to send force to the tip Used in digging and grooving Decorate wood in dowels, hinges, y-straps, cabinet drawers or tables. Chisels range from tools. Small size that can be used to work on small details. to large tools used to remove parts of wood and stone. in wood carving

How many types of chisels are there?

Chisel (Firmer Chisel)

This type of chisel has a thick, strong blade that allows it to remove large pieces of wood. It is strong enough to create a deep and large joint when the ends are hit with a mallet. This type of chisel has a bevel and is a good choice for general woodworking projects. One form of a chisel that is compact is called a chisel with a beveled edge or chisel that has bevels on both sides of the cutting surface for a more precise cut.

Bevel Edge Chisel

This chamfer chisel is a very common tool in the carpentry industry. according to the specified name They have beveled sides and straight edges which allow maximum access to the articulation joints. Some bevel-edged chisels have loops to prevent breakage. and strengthening the grip, however, is absolutely not necessary.

Woodworking Chisel (Bench Chisel)

This set of chisels can withstand the impact from the hammer for heavy work. The chisel steel body is a Premium Chisel style, which has a very thin edge. suitable for general use Or with detailed work like picking up the edge of the dovetail pivot or small joinery pieces by pushing by hand

Masonry Chisel

Masonry chisels are used in masonry. by tapping the blade lightly on a brick or stone surface These chisels are designed for use with bricks. and concrete blocks with fixed teeth They also work well with marble.

Narrow Face Chisel (Mortise Chisel)

At the end of the shaft, there is a steel loop. To help prevent the tip of the handle from breaking when hammering with a strong hammer, this set of chisels can withstand the impact to work hard. The chisel body is a Mortise Chisel style, which is used to drill female dowels. Or Mortise groove, where the edge of the steel will be trimmed smooth and beveled up the side edge. so that when using this set of chisels to drill the dowel You will get a wall that is equal to the width of the chisel. and smooth along the line without repetitive work on the side edges

Paring Chisel

A chisel is a type of wood trimming tool that is designed with a chisel blade. To be sharper than a chisel, the angle of the chisel blade is 25-30 degrees, suitable for drilling, shearing, leveling the wood surface.

Slick Chisel

This type of chisel has a baseball bat-like handle and a blade that is wider than a paring chisel and relatively straight. It has a sharpened cutting edge with a wide angle of about 20 to 25 degrees.

Butt Chisel

It is a set of chisels that can be used without using a hammer like other chisels. But use hammer instead. for limited work and want to be controlled well by hand In order to be a relatively short chisel. Both the steel chisel and the handle

Dovetail Chisel

Specially used for drilling dovetail dowels. Allows for beautiful dovetail drilling. The wood does not tear because the chisel is designed to have a triangular cross-section blade, making it suitable for the angle formed by dovetail drilling. The back of the chisel is made of a shallow hole (Slightly Hollow) like a Japanese chisel. To reduce the friction between the back of the chisel and the wood while in use.

Corner Chisel

Corner chisels used for finishing 90 degree edges, consisting of medium-length blades with a V-shaped cross-section. This blade is popular among carpenters and is commonly used to make cabinets. Corner chisels are used to cut deep corners into grooves. and clean the square corners Each face was sharpened with an oil stone.

Japanese Chisel

A Japanese chisel is a woodworking tool used to cut or scrape off small pieces of wood. This handheld tool has a tapered or pointed metal end that cuts wood and an opposite end that is hit repeatedly with a hammer of some kind. It is used with one hand. Hold the tool against the stick and use the other hand to hit the tool with a hammer, causing it to cut or break with each blow. The set will have chisels in various shapes and sizes, with different bevels or tapers. Usually in Japan, Japanese chisels tend to weigh less than other types of chisels and often feature decorative carvings or other markings.

Skew Chisel

It is a special chisel with an oblique cutting tip. 30˚ Suitable for work in corners that ordinary chisels cannot reach. Hawk tail spur work The chisel blade is made of Forged blade from Cr-Mn steel and heat treated to a hardness of 59 HRc. Ergonomically designed handle. Ergonomic: Made of hornbeam wood that is heavy and strong enough to withstand the impact of a hammer.

Socket Chisel

Socket type chisels are handles that can be easily removed for repairs. in case of damage from use The steel chisel will be a joint to cover the handle again. Another advantage of detachable handles is Time to adjust back We can easily remove it and hide it without staining the handle.

Framing Chisel

A framing chisel is a wood chisel with a wider blade than one used for carving or cabinetry. Together with the wood mallet used for batting, it is an indispensable tool for wood construction and is also useful for building wood frames. ordinary Framing chisels are used to dig wood, make notches and fashion grooves, and dowel joints. Common blade sizes are 1.5 in (3.81 cm) and 2 in (5.08 cm).

Concrete Chisel (Concrete Chisel)

Concrete chisel (Concrete Chisel) is a chisel used for cutting, drilling or grooving grooves in concrete, masonry, stone to be separated more easily. It looks like a small slender bar. The area at the tip is sharp like a pencil. The handle has a rubber sheath. Manufactured from quenched carbon steel. Strong with high durability The chisel can be inserted and removed easily by combining it with a hydraulic hammer or electric chisel. Resulting in excellent chiseling of concrete surfaces and also helping to save labor to work more conveniently and quickly. Therefore, a concrete chisel is suitable. Used in the demolition of buildings, roads, railways, bridges, mining, etc.

Brick Chisel

Brick Chisel is a chisel tool used for cutting brick and stone concrete walls. Designed with a flat mouth and a sharp cutting edge. Wide. The handle and the chisel are connected as one, seamless. Some models have a soft grip handle that provides a comfortable grip and protection against bumps. during use Manufactured from heat-treated carbon steel with properties of wear resistance, anti-rust, impact resistance. well, thus making this type of chisel durable for excellent use There are many models to choose from. commonly used for construction general building decoration

Cold Chisel

A cold chisel is a tool that can cut through cold metal. Similar blacksmith tools are generally used after the metal has been heated. They are sometimes mistakenly referred to as the Cold chisels are strong and heavy because they are usually made of tempered steel, which is hard enough to bite through other metals.

Curved Chisels

There are two types of curved chisels. One model comes with a straight blade. but curved grooving and another with a curved blade with straight grooves. U-shaped cutting edges are available in different depths and angles, but they are all meant to cut off large pieces of wood while working. and gives shape to complex wooden structures.