What is a conveyor chain and how many types are there?

What is a Chain Conveyor?

Conveyor chain or conveyor chain is a chain used in a conveyor system (Conveyor), which acts as a drive like a conveyor belt. For transporting goods or materials, the chain conveyor system will bear the load better than the conveyor belt system. Most of them are hydraulic systems which can Adjustable to many levels of height.

Conveyor Chain Structure

  • Link Plate is made of flat steel plate stamping or forming. There are 2 types of holes, namely Inner Plate and Outer Plate, which serve to receive tension in the movement of the chain. and receive pressure from the weight carried
  • Roller or roller is cast iron or hard coated for greater strength. acts to receive tension in the movement of the chain
  • Bush is a hollow cylindrical metal. have strong properties high wear resistance Made of hardened steel Acts mainly as a load bearing while the roller rotates.
  • Pin or latch is made of carbon steel. It is strong, acts to hold the Inner Plate and Outer Plate, and it is a horizontal pulling force according to the movement of the chain and the pressure from the vertical load.
  • T-Pin or lock pin made of carbon steel. It is attached to the Pin by inserting it into the hole of the Pin and then bending the T-Pin.
  • Attachment is intended for attaching items to the chain.

Type of conveyor chain

Choosing the type of chain to use It is also important to consider the nature of the chain, just because different chains have the same tensile strength does not necessarily mean they are suitable for the same job. If considering the characteristics of the chain axis (Bearing Unit) Chains are classified into 2 types, solid pin and hollow pin.

1.Solid Bearing Pin Chain (solid core chain)

Solid core chain is a chain that is strong, heavy duty, resistant to traction. Good wear resistance and damage resistance. can bear high weight Can bear the weight of the falling material on the chain well Better high speed performance than hollow core chains, low maintenance costs and lubrication can be done inside the chain. Therefore suitable for long distance transport (Long Conveyor) or in the case of high friction chains that must rub along the running path

2.Hollow bearing pin chain (hollow core chain)

Hollow core chains have the advantage of being able to attach attachments easily as they can be threaded into the chain link holes. without any modifications to the chain It has a small weight and can withstand high temperatures. good cooling For chain lubrication, a lubricant can be placed on the track (rail) where the chain runs.