How to choose cut resistant gloves?

Cut Resistant Gloves are personal safety gloves used to protect hands from cuts, cuts, punctures or abrasion. It is commonly used in the steel industry. car industry and general construction There are many types of cut resistant gloves to prevent hazards such as non-slip gloves. impact gloves heat resistant gloves Chemical resistant gloves, etc., and for different applications Can be divided into types of cut resistant gloves as follows

What kind of cut resistant gloves?

Kevlar Gloves :

It is a type of safety gloves made from synthetic aramid fibers. high strength but lightweight Impact resistance, tensile strength, chemical resistance, cut and shear resistance as well. It is also resistant to high temperatures as well. But should not be stored in the sunlight as it will cause the gloves to change color. and deteriorate quickly Kevlar cut resistant gloves are commonly used at level 3 – 5, suitable for automotive industry work. glass bottle industry machine work Work with blades

Stainless Steel Megh Gloves :

It is a type of safety gloves made from thin stainless steel wire. be woven into gloves mesh-like It is strong, durable and protects the hand from the cut of the knife edge as well. It is a level 5 cut resistant glove, which is the highest level, suitable for work in the meat cutting industry. clothing industry food industry Paper-cutting industry or work that comes into contact with sharp objects rubber tapping, etc., mainly from use should be cleaned every time and blow dry immediately It should be stored in areas with a low humid climate.

PU coated cut resistant gloves or PU (High Performance Polyethylene) gloves :

Is a safety glove made from threads that are strong, lightweight and coated with PU, which the PU coated area is resistant to chemicals, oil, grease, and also helps to handle workpieces or objects more precisely It is a level 5 cut resistant glove that can prevent cuts at the highest level, suitable for work in the steel and metal industry. Aluminum Industry glass industry Auto parts industry stainless steel industry or work that requires contact with sharp objects

How many levels of cut resistant gloves are there?

Classification of cut resistant gloves Can be divided according to the standards of the European Union, can be divided into 2 types as follows

EN388 : 2003 : An older standard (EN388 abcd), which is labeled with a 4-digit code, with each number describing the test.

  • Number 1: resistance to abrasion
  • Number 2 : Resistant to cuts from sharp objects
  • Number 3: Tear Resistance
  • Number 4 : Puncture Resistance

EN388 : 2016 is a new standard. Added the original standard code from 4 digits (EN388 abcd) to 6 digits (EN388 abcdef), adding 2 more types of durability tests:

  • Cut Resistance TDM Test (Test according to IOS 13997) Use the letter symbols A – F to represent the durability in ascending alphabetical order.
  • impact resistance Which will use the symbol P instead of Passed the test and F or X instead Failed the test or not compatible with use

The test will be divided into 5 levels of efficiency, with level 0 being the lowest level to level 5 being the highest level.