What is rivet and how to use rivet?

What is Revet?

Rivet is a rivet that is used to hold thin parts firmly together. Rivets are made from various materials such as steel, copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic. There are many types of rivet heads depending on the work.

How many types of rivets are there?

There are many types of rivets. But the most popular ones are rivets and rivet nuts.

POP Rivet

A rivet, also known as a rivet nail, is a material that can be used to hold workpieces from either side. looks like a nail Made from various materials such as steel, aluminum, used to attach workpieces that are difficult to assemble from the inside. Suitable for assembling large workpieces that require stability and strength. Can be used to attach workpieces made of different materials such as steel and aluminum. commonly used in many industries

How to use rivets

  • Put the pieces together and then drill holes through both pieces.
  • Then insert the base pin into the riveting pliers or riveting gun.
  • Then insert the head into the drilled hole. and repeated shooting until the inner core was torn in order to hold firmly

Rivet Nut

A rivet nut is a rivet that looks like a nut. The outside surface is smooth and smooth. There is a thread inside Used to tighten the screw to secure the nut. can be attached from either side of the work piece Suitable for fixing workpieces with good thickness.

How to use rivet nut

  • Drill holes on the work piece that you want to use on both sheets first.
  • Then combine rivet nut with rivet gun
  • Then repeat the shot until it's tight.
  • Bring another workpiece to join and tighten the bolts.