What are blocks and how many types are there?

A socket wrench is a tool that is worn with a torque wrench, socket wrench or other tightening tools to tighten the nut or female nut.

block components

The block has 2 holes, one side of which is a rectangular socket with curved edges called Drive Socket End, which we will call the "hole" side, which is the side that is connected to the wrench wrench. or various tightening devices
And the other side of the block is called the Socke Head End or the "head" side. There are many shapes. which is based on the shape of different types of bolts And the most popular is the hexagonal shape, known as hexagon block

Other blocks

wind block

An air block or an impact block is a block that can handle high torque. It is made from a material called Chrome molybdenum steel, which is flexible. to prevent block breakage It will be used with a torque wrench or an air wrench or an electric wrench to deliver high tightening force in a quick time.

Dowel block pops

Dowel block pops will look at the head side protruding To use to insert into the nut head and there will be a variety of heads such as hexagonal dowels, dowels, dowels, dowels, dowels, which will act like a screwdriver. but can send force More torque goes out