What is a vise and how many types are there?

What is a vise?

vise or a machine vice is a mechanic tool that helps hold, polish, drill, cut, hammer or file metal, plastic, and wood workpieces firmly, with a vise that looks like two parallel jaws. One side is fixed. The other side can be moved by means of screws and levers. The vise is fixed on the machine tool workbench. To reduce risks or hazards that may occur in the work that uses machinery. It can also be adapted to drill bits. or cut flowers To help get results that are more accurate, accurate and efficient. There are many types of workpiece clamps to choose from, as follows:

How many types of vise are there?

Drilling Machine Vises

The main components are a drill set, a work table, a drilling machine pole. And the base of the machine helps to hold, hold or clamp the workpiece that needs to drill holes, ream holes or lathe, etc. Suitable for holding small workpieces such as drilling door hinges. window hinges, etc.

Bench Vise Horizontal Vises

It is a pen that is firmly fixed on the side of the head of the table to use. Used for cutting wood. Table vise suitable for holding steel workpieces and wood workpieces.

Precision Vise Precision Machine Vises

This vise can adjust the angle. move forward can go backwards as needed Suitable for use with grinding machines.

Angle Vise adjustable clamp

This type of work clamp can be tilted left-right. to adjust the degree to match the shape of the workpiece The main body can be adjusted to an angle of 90 degrees, suitable for cutting, sawing, reaming or milling. Applicable to a variety of materials such as aluminum, plastic, metal, steel, wood, etc.

Milling Machine Vise

Used for milling machines or milling machines. have a strong structure Helps to receive cutting force well Can be used with a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, etc.