What is a ball valve and how many types are there?

Ball valve is a valve used to control the flow of fluid. or gas inside the valve with a ball hole and connect to the valve lever above To close-open the valve when wanting to cut off the flow of water or gas. It is small, compact, lightweight, strong, durable and has a variety of materials to choose from, such as pvc ball valves, brass ball valves. Stainless steel ball valves, etc., suitable for use in general bile duct work. or use as a water supply valve commonly used ball valves There are 2 types to choose from, one is a ball valve that is commonly used. or used in residential homes and ball valves used in industrial plants

commonly used ball valves

It is a standard ball valve commonly used in households. or residence Used to turn off the water from the water source to enter the house. It is small, lightweight, available in a variety of applications. Whether it is a 3-way ball valve, a 4-way ball valve, ball valves that can be seen in homes come in many materials such as

PVC ball valve

This type of ball valve is easy to find and cheap, but it is not strong and brittle.

brass ball valve

It is a ball valve that has been highly popular from the past to the present. Because it is a material that is strong, durable, withstands pressure well

stainless steel ball valve

It is another type of ball valve that is commonly used. Because this type of ball valve has a long service life. Do not worry about corrosion or brittleness because it is strong. High corrosion resistance It also doesn't rust. able to withstand pressure and high temperature as well

industrial ball valve

industrial ball valve There is a duty to open and close to control the flow rate of water or liquid. In industrial plants such as water, chemicals, gas, air, ball valves that are commonly used in factories are not attached to the swivel swivel. but can be removed When you want to use it, you can wear it back down as before. This prevents the valve stem from protruding causing the valve to be rotated accidentally. Materials suitable for industrial ball valves are commonly used as Stainless steel ball valve or UPVC ball valve