What is silicone and how many types of silicone are there?

What is silicone?

Silicone or silicone sealant is a synthetic substance used to fill water leaks, fill cracks, fill cracks in walls. and as tile grout made of polymer material Its main components are silicon, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and chemicals are inorganic compounds (Inorrganic Based) that are highly flexible semi-liquid materials.

different types of silicone

Silicones are divided into two main types.

1. Acetic Silicone

Advantages: good flexibility, not too soft, not too hard, UV resistant, high adhesion And it can be used both inside and outside. It dries quickly, making it possible to finish the job quickly.
Disadvantage: Has a musty smell. And cannot be used on materials with ceramic, metal and stone surfaces because silicone will corrode non-chemical surfaces.

2. Neutral Silicone

Advantages: Suitable for use on stone, ceramic or metal surfaces because it will not corrode the surface, odorless.
Disadvantages: less strong More expensive than acidic and dry more slowly

how many colors of silicone

The reason why silicone comes in many colors is because Silicone cannot be painted over. But only with non-acid. Therefore, there are colors to choose from: clear, white and black, which clear colors are suitable for glass. The white part is suitable for use with bathroom sanitary ware. Black is suitable for granite kitchen counter tops, for example.