How many types of hammers are there? and how to use

How many types of hammers are there? and how to use

Hammer is a tool for mechanics to repair work such as hammering, breaking, breaking, knocking or destroying the desired material. Each type of hammer is designed for a specific purpose. There are different structures and shapes such as pound hammers, rubber hammers, crested hammers, nail hammers, etc. The hammers can be classified and used as follows:

type of hammer

pound hammer

hexagonal shape or octagonal The face is rounded, sloping towards the edge, made of metal. The pound hammer is used for general heavy duty work because the hammer head is a large steel. Therefore, it is commonly used for high-impact work such as breaking walls, hitting steel, driving pins, stone extraction, general bending work, etc.

Crest hammer or nail hammer

has a round cross-section The surface is smooth or slightly curved. The back part is a prong or crest side, used for prying and removing nails made of steel. Crested hammers are used for hammering, beating, leveraging, pulling out general work such as chiseling, centering, and bent round bar or flat bar. and general tapping There are many brands to choose from, such as Stanley FatMax Xtreme Claw Hammer, ZINSANO Claw Hammer model Z025101, steel handle, PUMPKIN Claw Hammer, hardwood handle, etc.

rubber mallet

The hammer head is made of rubber with flexible properties. Makes the rubber mallet head soft, resulting in a smooth hit. Used for tapping soft workpieces. Or thin coated sheet metal to help maintain the work surface to less damage. It is commonly used with works that require refinement, not collapsed or dented, such as smashing into wood. Tiling work

Electrician's hammer or wiring hammer

The face of the hammer head is square head, flat head, smooth back, has a pointed tip. This type of hammer head is made of steel, small size, commonly used at weights of 150 grams and 200 grams, suitable for electrical work, such as for nailing wiring.

plastic hammer

The hammer head is made of hard plastic. The cross section is round. Slightly convex surface, rounded edges, head and tail are the same. The characteristics of use are similar to rubber hammers, which are flexible, used for hammering to maintain the work surface. Suitable for work that does not want the work to crack, collapse, dent and require the refinement of the work. In addition, this type of hammer is replaceable.

bobble hammer

The cross-sectional appearance is round. The head is slightly curved. The end or crest is spherical, made of steel. Commonly used in general mechanical work such as riveting work, can be used on both sides, rivet work, extraction, centering, bent round bar or flat bar, and tapping sheet metal, etc.