What is a Pressure Gauge and how many types are there?

What is a pressure gauge?

Pressure Gauge or Pressure Gauge is a device used to measure and control the pressure of all types of liquids and gases. which has a dial gauge indicating the amount of pressure that can be measured

How many types of pressure gauges are there?

If divided by the type of pressure that we will measure Can be divided into 3 types:

Pressure Gauge

used to measure normal pressure

Vacuum Gauge

Used to measure the vacuum at low pressure.

Compound Gauge

Measures both pressure and vacuum values.

If divided by usage, it can be divided into 2 types:

1.Digital pressure gauge

It will cost more than an analog page but will have the advantage that digital gauges are more accurate. Suitable for applications that require highly accurate pressure measurements. In addition, many models of digital pressure gauges can be connected to a computer so that readings can be taken remotely.

2. Analog pressure gauge (pin type)

Needle pressure gauges have the advantage of being cheaper. And does not require much maintenance compared to digital pressure gauges. Analog pressure gauges are further divided into 2 types:

2.1 dry pressure gauge

The advantage is that it is cheap, but cannot withstand high vibrations.

2.2 oil pressure gauge

It has the advantage of being more durable. Suitable for work with high vibration Because the oil will help reduce the vibration of the reading needle. Makes it possible to read even with high vibrations. And it also acts as a force absorber so that the needle does not read the value.

reading pressure gauge

unit of measurement of pressure in pressure gauge that are commonly used and frequently encountered

  • Bar Bar (SI system)
  • Kgf/cm2 kilograms per square centimeter (matic system), Thai people prefer to call it kilo.
  • PSI, pounds per square inch (British system)
  • mmg millimeters of mercury
  • atm standard air pressure
  • pa ( static pascal ) is most commonly found as kpa or mpa.
Table of various pressure measurement units in the pressure gauge that we commonly use
UNITS Pa bar kgf/ cm2 ATM mmHg PSI
1 Pa 1 10 -5 1.0197×10 −5 9.8692×10 −6 7.5006×10 −3 1.450377×10 −4
1 bar 10 5 1 1.0197 0.98692 750.06 14.50377
1 kg/ cm2 0.980665x10 5 0.980655 1 0.9678411 735.5592 14.22334
1 atm 1.01325×10 5 1.01325 1.0332 1 760 14.69595
1 mmHg 133.3224 1.333224×10 −3 1.359551×10 −3 1.315789×10 −3 1 1.933678×10 −2
1 PSI 6.8046× 103 6.8948×10 −2 7.03069×10 −2 6.8046×10 −2 51.71493 1