What is a torque wrench or torque wrench and what does it do?

Torque wrench is

Torque wrench or torque wrench is a tool used to tighten the nut. and tighten the screw according to the torque value that we can determine Torque wrenches help us tighten screws to the proper tightness. Helps avoid damage from over-tightening. or the joint is loosened from tightening This means that using accurate torque measurements is critical to safety and assembly.

How many types of torque wrenches are there?

Torque wrenches can be divided into 2 types as follows.

  • Torque wrench for tightening screws (for tightening)
  • Torque wrench for torque measurement (for torque inspection)

Torque wrench for tightening screws

Used for tightening screws to the required torque. To meet the specification of each type of bolt or screw

Torque wrench click

Torque wrench click It will sound when the desired torque level is reached. The lever brakes, which produces a clicking sound.

hydraulic torque wrench

Designed for use in applications requiring high torque. and can be set to achieve the desired torque through the use of hydraulics.

Torque wrench for measuring torque

Used to check the torque value of screws already tightened. how much it is through the dial or scale

Beam torque wrench

The torque wrench measures the torque as a needle. Which can read the torque value from the plate scale.

digital torque wrench

Digital torque wrench (Digital Torque Wrench) will display digital results, making checking torque values ​​easy to understand, convenient, and fast.