What is a fish tail? How many types of wire terminals are there? Choosing a fish tail

fish tail is

Terminals or cable terminals are devices for connecting wires to various terminals of electrical equipment. made of copper by connection Will use wire crimper pliers to squeeze the fish tail with the wires, causing the gap of the tail to compress the wires. make the connection solid and safe in the long run

How many types of cable terminals are there?

If divided by usage Fish tails can be divided into 3 main types as follows.

round fish tail

bare round fish tail

round fish tail


bare fishtail

fish tail

plug terminal

male round fish tail

Female round terminal

male flat plug terminal

Female flat plug terminal

Fish tail inserted into a flat matchstick.

The fish tail plugs into a round matchstick.

Choosing a fish tail

  • For work with frequent vibrations and movements or permanent installation must use a round fish tail Because the round fish tail is the most difficult to fall off. Because the lock nut must be used Provides a very tight connection
  • For work that requires frequent repairs, frequent modifications, or during the system design process Must use a swallowtail or plug-in terminal to provide a quick connection. easy to remove
  • Should use a crimp terminal that fits the size of the wire. Because it will affect the current and voltage.
  • Should use heat shrink tubing or cable sleeve. to reinforce insulation If the connection point has a chance to fall off and the other shots Or let the fish tail with full insulation cover all, even if it falls off, it won't shock other people