What is a check valve and how many types are there?

check valve what is a check valve

Check Valve Check Valve or non-return valve is a water valve device that helps close the pipe connection point. The function of the check valve is to control the flow direction. and control the flow rate of liquids and gases in the same direction and prevents reflux. Can be installed horizontally and vertically. Check valves that are commonly used can be divided into 3 types: swing check valves Spring check valves and foot valves are as follows:

How many types of check valves are there?

Swing Check Valve (Swing Check Valve)

It is a working valve. which forces the water to flow in one direction If water pressure is reversed The valve inside the valve will be pushed down to block immediately. To prevent back flow that will damage the equipment, this type of valve can only be installed horizontally. Brass is commonly used to prevent rust for a long service life.

Spring Check Valve (Spring Check Valve)

This type of valve has a similar function. Swing check valves are forcing water to flow in one direction. For example, water flows through the flap of the valve and cannot flow back. because the tongue acts as a block as soon as the water stops This type of valve is suitable for installing water pumps both horizontally and vertically. Most of them use brass. because it can prevent rust and have a long usage period

Foot Valve (Foot Valve)

It is a non-return valve that has a reverse flow function with a spring system, meaning that the valve body has a stainless steel sieve for filtering impurities. or sediments not to flow into the pump and collect water in the pipe line There are two commonly used types:

  • Spring tongue type: lightweight, can be installed vertically, horizontally, diagonally
  • Steel tongue type: has a long service life but suitable for placing vertically