What is predictive maintenance? How is it better than preventive maintenance?

Predictive Maintenance, or PdM for short, is a technique that uses IOT devices and data analysis techniques to detect abnormalities in machine operation. So you can fix the problem immediately.
Ideally, PdM will reduce the frequency of reactive maintenance to as low as possible. And don't have too much cost associated with preventive maintenance.

How does predictive maintenance work?

Prior to the introduction of PdM, it was necessary to examine the working model to see how the basics of the machine worked under normal conditions. and that value will be retained by default. It will be able to compare with the original value and see the abnormalities. and every time something goes wrong The sensors are notified to the Computerized Maintenance Management System or CMMS (computer software that collects information about maintenance and facilitates maintenance management), enabling precise repairs.

Implement Predictive Maintenance

1. Set baseline baseline values

Find the baseline and Create conditions or limit values ​​that require repair before attaching the sensor.

2. Install the SKF Enlight Collect IMx-1 body.

Preventive maintenancePreventive maintenance

Install vibration measurements at various points of the machine to be able to collect the operation of the machine comprehensively. The measurement with Vibration value can be used to detect all problems.

3. Connect Devices to Software

Connect the IMx-1 to a SKF or user-owned CMMS. If users have their own software Data will be displayed in various graphs. An analysis report has already been sent from SKF, making it possible to decide early whether repairs should be made or not without having to let the set limits be reached.

How is doing predictive maintenance better than doing preventive maintenance?

Predictive maintenance will receive real-time information that allows you to know the working status of the machine all the time from the monitor screen. And can also tell the cause of the problem through Vibration analysis without having to hire an expert to check and analyze the cause like doing preventive maintenance Importantly, no need to stop the machine to check. increase productivity And overall, predictive maintenance minimizes the number of people involved. Reduce problems caused by people, such as cheating technicians. Corruption due to inaccurate detection The danger of technicians neglecting standard procedures