What is a sprocket and how many types are there?

If talking about gears In general, it would be thought of as a part that is a mechanism that drives the operation of the machine to work efficiently. But there are different kinds of gears. and a variety of types to choose from This article describes sprockets. gears that are commonly used

What is a Sprocket?

It is a part in the transmission system. It is shaped like a gear in general. Round shape, flat, with a hole in the middle, the edge is serrated so that the chain can bite down to the groove of the sprocket. There are both steel gears, plastic gears, chain gears that are different from other types of gears. to be used in conjunction with the chain Due to the nature of use as a power transmission Therefore, it must rely on the rotational force from the chain to drive such as bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, and other machinery. and also used instead of moving belts etc.

How many types of chain sprockets are there?

Classification of chain sprockets Divided according to the standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI): divided into 3 main categories:

Flat Sprocket (Sprocket No Hub Extension) or Type A

This type of sprocket is a smooth circular disc. The surrounding edge is jagged as cogs, with a hole in the middle, without a hub in the middle, made of steel, used for attaching flanges. Or a wheel hub to drive the engine.

Sprocket One Side Hub Extension or Type B

Characteristics of this type of hub sprocket has a round shape There is a hub protruding from one side. and has a hole in the middle of the hub The serrated edge of the sprocket allows the sprocket to be mounted more securely to the machine. Popular with low speed applications. to high speed Or use it as a bicycle chain sprocket.

Sprocket Two Side Hub Extension or Type C

This type of sprocket has two hubs. circular There are two equal protruding hubs. Serrated edges are cogs made of steel. This type of chain sprocket is commonly used with the driven sprocket, which will help support a lot of weight. suitable for heavy loads High-speed, high-torque work such as machinery in various industries