What is a coupling and how many types are there?

what is coupling

Coupling or shaft coupling or coupling is a direct connection type of power transmission device. Serves to transmit torque from the power shaft to the machine shaft without reduction. The rotational speed of the follower is the same as the power source. and can allow the shaft to receive some misalignment To prevent damage from the machine directly and designed to break the Coupling first.

Various couplings

Coupling is divided into 2 main types, namely, with rubber or PU as a component (Flexible) and without rubber or PU (Rigid) . Choose a coupling with us.

1. Flexible coupling

Able to compensate shaft clearance in case of shaft mismatch which will have a distance that can keep the shafts together thus increasing the flexibility of use as well and also reduces vibration

2. Rigid coupling

can transmit a lot of torque from the motor to the shaft But there must be a constant distance between the shaft ends. And must be positioned to be aligned exactly. therefore able to use this kind of leeches with full efficiency

How to choose and use a good Coupling

  • Coupling Size: Affects Torque and the speed it sends out And should choose a size that is suitable for the horsepower of the motor.
  • Matching shaft axis position: Although some couplings can suffer shaft angularity But in order to achieve efficiency and maximum working life The axis should be aligned.
  • Maintenance: There should be a condition check whether it is time to add grease to the coupling or not. to reduce damage to the coupling