What is an outer retaining ring, what is it used for, and how do I look at its size?

What is an outer locking ring?

Outer locking ring or outer shaft locking ring is a part used to assemble the workpiece. Helps to absorb vibration to keep the parts on the shaft from falling apart. The ring has a round shape through both ends. At both ends there are holes for inserting the ends of the pliers. for easy disassembly and installation Strong and durable Can bear a lot of weight, withstand high tensile strength and impact. There are many types to choose from, such as STW outer lock washers, stainless steel outer lock washers, etc.

Lock ring outside STW

stainless steel locking ring

How to use the outer lock ring

To insert the lock ring should be put on the right side by inserting a screw or nut and tightening the twist to prevent sliding apart The locking ring can be reused. but before being used Equipment should be checked for wear before use. And drop lubricant to reduce the change in friction conditions. Avoid using locking washers on contact surfaces that are subject to excessive recoil, joints without preload adjustment, that do not lock in place. and have a very soft touch surface such as wood, plastic, etc.

outer lock ring size

D = Inner ring size of lock ring

t = thickness of the retaining ring

b = band growth

L = overhang of ring head

h = size of the ring in the hole for the end of the pliers